Wearing the Watch

We highly recommend you to have the strap length adjusted precisely for your wrist. This doesn’t only offer higher wearing comfort, but also protects the watch and the clasp from scratches. Additionally do not wear any jewelry which could scratch your watch on the same arm.

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Storing the Watch

If you store multiple watches in a safe, you should make sure that these aren’t touching each other to prevent scratches. Thus it is recommended to store every watch in a travel case. In any case you should make sure that all functional components stay in motion during longer storage periods. This is why you should manually wind up your Chronoswiss at least once a month or store it in a watch winder.


Revision & Review of Water-resistance

Your Chronoswiss timepiece should be serviced regularly. Chronoswiss recommends a service every four to five years so that the watch maintains its value. Even if such a complete service is not pending, the water resistance should be tested annually because seals can get brittle with time or the case can get permeable through external influences like impacts or shocks. Make sure that only authorized service partners open your watch at all times.


Cleaning the Watch

A well-kept watch should be cleaned on a regular basis. Use a fine brush or a damp cloth to delicately remove dirt and dust.

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