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The journey can begin! After we receive your watch in Lucerne or in one of our service centers we will confirm reception. We precisely document the condition of your watch and check the reference number and its service history. Gladly we will provide a cost estimate for you if you wish.

Dismantling & Repairing

During the disassembly we take the movement out of the case, dismantle it carefully into its individual components and repair or replace defective parts. We only replace components which effectively have to be exchanged and we exclusively use original Chronoswiss spare parts. Thus, we can guarantee that afterwards you will be able to enjoy your perfectly operating time piece for years again.



A thorough cleaning is essential during the service. Every individual component is intricately cleaned by ultrasonic cleaners with a special solution so that even the smallest particles and oil residue are removed.


Assembling the movement

The clean components are subsequently reassembled carefully. To keep friction in the movement as small as possible, functional components are treated with a high quality lubricant. This ensures that the timepiece works precisely and properly.

Unique Timepieces

Regulation and Accuracy

In the next step the core component of the watch, the balance wheel, is inserted. After the oiling of the oscillation system our watchmakers regulate your watch on the electronic time scale to ensure that it runs as precisely as possible.


Polishing the Case (optional)

Not every case requires polishing. Depending on the usage and the exposure it is recommended that the bezel, the middle part with the characteristic vertical brushing, the bottom and the adornment bezel on the back are restored. This step is very challenging and time-consuming because only the least amount of the case’s material should be removed. Afterwards, your watch will shine like new.


Setting and Positioning the Dial and Hands

After the servicing we make your watch come to life again by reassembling it and installing the watch dial and setting the hands. This process takes place under strictly controlled conditions in our dust-free workshop.

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Water Resistance

In order to best protect your watch, we replace all seals at every revision to ensure its water resistance. You should ideally have this checked annually by a qualified watchmaker.

Wasser dichtigkeit

Quality Control and Guarantee

Before your watch is allowed to leave our workshop again, it is checked in detail both visually and mechanically. This quality and function control takes at least 10 days and guarantees the proper functioning of your timepiece. We will send back your watch only after it has complied with our quality standards. After maintenance you receive a one year guarantee on your watch.

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